I got back from a few beers and karaoke to find the whole neighborhood power out again... found the sink and peed, then tried to sleep, but the power came back on within a half-hour or so, and I watched as my server came back to life on its own for the first time in a real test! The key was a forced reboot if the directory /home/rosarito wasn't found, meaning that the /home directory didn't get mounted properly. Within 3 minutes of the second reboot, dyndns.org had clamped onto my IP and rosarito.kicks-ass.net was back on the web. Fucking amazing.

Then I took my laptop out of sleep mode and found this email:

A Must See: The Great Lie: Death toll of the American Dream, a film by brothers Lance and Dan Hubp, is now available for free viewing at ifilm.com. Inspired by the teachings of Daniel Quinn. To access the film CLICK HERE. http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2666529

The Quinns have viewed the film on DVD, and Daniel says it's "A devilishly ingenious surrealist mystery. I've seen it twice and will need a third viewing to unlock its secrets. It definitely deserves a wider audience."

The Great Lie was featured at the 2005 Director's Lounge Berlin Andre Werner - Curator 2005 Directors Lounge, Berlin says:

One of the favorites among the public was "The great lie". The story about financier Nicholas Dunn who finds himself suddenly trapped in a mysterious realm beyond his control is a diabolic and surreal movie that starts with a very clever twist and keeps it's suspense till the very end. Excellent directing and a brilliant cast made "The great lie" one of the gems of the Directors Lounge 2005.

Cast member Zahn McClarnon will be a featured actor in "Into the West," Steven Spielberg's new series coming in June.

To access the film CLICK HERE. http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2666529

I'd recently discovered ifilm.com as a great source for soft porn, but didn't realize it had anything like this on it. If you liked Jacob's Ladder you'll love this. And if you've been following Daniel Quinn's message through the 3 Ishmael books through to Providence and Beyond Civilization, you'll recognize the importance of this film. This isn't some amateur production, this is damned good acting. There are plenty of people who will like this movie and will miss the message completely. That's cool. As Mother Teresa would say, publicize it anyway.

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