Learning how to make an honest-to-goodness Windows installer program for a Pocket PC executable... great info here at SundialSoft and Scott Ludwig's classy page (for ezsetup). I already proved to myself it will work, just trying to integrate everything into my Makefile.

I forgot to mention last night, I saw the theatrical version of The Butterfly Effect at Barandas last night. The ending was a lot less interesting than that of the Director's Cut that I saw on DVD last month. The Mexican dude sitting next to me just kept repeating "que loca! que pelicula mas loca!" to the barmaid. He's right, too. Have you seen Coldplay's music video of The Scientist? It can be pretty disturbing, but very nicely done. Why pay for crap at the movies when you're already paying for DSL, and can find lots of good, free content?

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