Finally walked south of Rosarito Beach Hotel for the first time today and found the famous Rene's restaurant and bar. They actually serve draft beer there, both Tecate and Dos Equis amber ale. For a dollar and a quarter a (twelve-ounce?) glass, too, not bad at all. Burger was nothing to crow about though, next time I'll get something to eat first.

Bronchitis is improving slightly each day, but I've probably got a couple of weeks to go till I can claim some semblance of health again. I have to admit, this could be a serious indictment of my paleolithic diet; being sick for over two months sucks. But I still think it was the mildew that hit me first, and then inhaling the chemical I used to kill the mildew was what really pushed my lungs to the breaking point.

That long black leather trenchcoat I won on eBay for just over $30 including shipping is really, really nice. I'm probably the best-dressed goddamn gabacho in town; I don't get nearly as many catcalls as before. Doesn't seem to impress the chicks much though. Maybe some dark sunglasses to round off that Matrix look, hmm...

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