Strange dream. I was trying to teach people how to levitate and fly, but I couldn't understand how I myself was doing it. I just kept, by way of example, flitting around in a supermarket above the heads of the shoppers. Just realizing as I type this that that particular supermarket is a familiar dreamscape, one that recurs often. Anyway, I was trying to come up with some sensible way to explain what happens between two bodies when one either decreases or increases its gravitational pull. Not sure now if that tied in with something else in the dream, the realization that, as Gurdjieff and others have said, one should choose a teacher not far advanced from one's own abilities. But now I don't know what in the dream clinched that for me.

Did I mention that the description of Eros and its tunnels, in the book Ender's Game, matched another of my common dreamscapes? The sense of vertigo and the low gravity were instantly familiar when I read it.

While some dreams are probably just nonsense, others seem to be doorways into other worlds, whether in another time, place, or universe I have no idea.

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