Cops woke up me and some other guy in the park yesterday afternoon. "No sleeping in the park". Yeah, right, whom was hurt by it? Just harrassment of those who don't play the game according to the golden rules. I'm supposed to be paying a hotel $50 to $100 a night for the privilege of sleeping. Today I slept on the beach -- so far they're not enforcing any such law there, if it exists.

Crossed the border again, having run out of dollars but still have $700 pesos to last me till Saturday. Sitting at the Taco Bell in TJ drinking Pacifico, eating their microscopic 3 for a dollar tacos, and waiting to meet Daniel Charles Thomas, poet and author of the tijuanagringo website. His poetry and webpages capture the mystery and magic of California in general, and of Baja in particular, better than anything else I've seen. "But it's a convoluted hodgepodge" you rightfully object. Yes, it is. Both the website and Baja California. Rivers of raw sewage may run through the valleys, but there are jewels hidden everywhere. You just have to dig a little.

Damn, I drank way too much yesterday evening, at a place called The Local, or something like that, I think on 3rd avenue near the trolley tracks. Lots of pretty chicas there, but missed any opportunities I might have had to score. Crass I may be, but not yet enough to walk up and ask "You wanna fuck?". And forget making small talk, I never had the skill and am unlikely to learn it at this stage of the game. It was interesting watching the complicated mating riduals of this society, seeing the winners walk out arm in arm and the losers, like myself, leaving alone. Anyway, the acidosis resulting from too much draft beer might be to blame for my cough taking a turn for the worse today. Bottled beer doesn't seem to be nearly as bad.

There was a pretty big fire in TJ this afternoon, you could see the smoke as soon as you got onto the footbridge across the Tijuana River. It looked as though the bombaderos had in under control, though.

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