Alcohol functions, to me at least, as a disinhibitor. A temporary lobotomy. Unlike some, I don't get violent, nor any more depressed than usual (and usually happier); I get loquacious. Both with my tongue and my keyboard; I had to really edit a lot of that last entry when I got up the following morning, and may still live to regret what I left. Oh, well.

What point am I trying to prove, for example, by all my talk about being friendly with lesbians and gays? Am I saying "I'm cool, I treat perverts the same as normal people"? I hope not. I'd rather the reason be that at one time, under the influence of religion, I did hate and discriminate against gays (never had a problem with lesbians -- my reading of the scriptures never revealed anything criticizing them -- even that evil God of the bible wouldn't, it seems, deprive Solomon's many wives and concubines some comfort in their lives). And after abandoning God, and finding genetics, I can see that there is good reason to believe that sexual orientation has genetic components. So who am I to criticize what nature might have ordained? What still irks me is that some gays, particularly in Mexico, are overly aggressive in their flirting, even after I've made my preference clear. But J wasn't like that at all, so even if my hunch is correct, he's still good peoples as far as I'm concerned.

I'm in Phoenix for a 24-hour layover. It was only supposed to be an hour or so, but they overbooked, and by 5-something local time, 3 hours after my bus was supposed to have left, I confirmed with the ticket counter that I could catch the next night's bus, and left the station. It was already daybreak by the time I walked from the Greyhound station to Central and Broadway where I bought a day pass for $1.80. Along the way I passed a Palo Verde tree, cut by a fence, and oozing sap like taffy, some hard and some chewy, sweet-smelling. I didn't try tasting it though, no idea if it's comestible or not. Those bitter oranges that I mentioned last time I passed through are out of season, only hardened brown golf-ball-sized fruits on the branches. I went to the library for the internet and restrooms, then to the park behind for some sleep. Now I'm in one of the downtown Kinko's using their free laptop workstation. Ah, the life of the rich and famous.

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