Yesterday afternoon I went to Tom's Tavern in downtown Phoenix for a couple of pints and a burger, and when it came time to pay, it turns out some dude named Brent had paid my tab before he left. Cool. Left Jerry, the bartender, a $5 tip and still had money to burn for the day... caught the bus back to Greyhound, but kept going past it to see where it led. Got out at terminal 3 of the airport, and found the Chili's upstairs. Had a 20 oz. Guinness for $8, and that was the end of my draft beer allowance for that day. Switched to a bottle of Heineken and a special $2 shot of Jack. At first ordered the chips and salsa, but they were terrible. Chips too salty and I felt I could taste the bitterness from aflatoxins. Never noticed that in the totopas in Mexico. So then I got a bowl of the chili, which was good. Found out today they overcharged my card by about $7 though.

Then I found out I'd lost my bus pass. Didn't want to buy another, so tried to find my way out of the airport on foot. Bad idea. After wandering for an hour or two, the cops came and gave me the usual harrassment, but finally after I came up clean on their warrant check one of them gave me a ride to the Greyhound.

I was first in line for last night's bus, except for some smartmouthed viejo who thought his cane entitled him to butt in front of everybody else. It was looking the same as the night before; each bus was almost full, and only let a few passengers on. The first was an express, and didn't stop in Deming, but I got onto the next bus. Sat next to a pastor from Honduras (IIRC) named Ralfiel. Nice guy, gave me an apple and didn't preach to me. Slept in the park on Spruce Street, went to the new library and checked my email, and bought some stuff I need for cultivating my lot from Wal-Mart. Typing this in at the Wendy's, and will probably begin the 14-mile walk after dark.

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