Finally, finally, figured out how to use java.lang.Object.wait() and java.lang.Object.notify(). This crap is so nonintuitive to me. "Owner of the object's monitor" indeed. Almost guaranteed I won't remember what I learned today, I'll have to learn it all over again the next time I need it. In case anyone else is having the same problem, here's the way I grok it:

Each thread can own the object's monitor for a short time by synchronizing on that object. For example synchronized(stack) {doSomething();}. One thread's doSomething() will call notify() or notifyAll(), while the other's will call wait() or wait(millis). I used it to show a splash screen within a midlet for either 3 seconds or until a key is pressed or the stylus presses against the screen. Of course, I could have schlocked something together by pointerPressed() setting a variable, and chopping up my sleep() into 50ms or so, checking variables each loop, but I wanted to do this one correctly, interrupt- or event-driven all the way. I'm tired of writing shitty code just to get a product out the door.

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