Gotta watch my expenses, went way overboard last night. After getting a ride back to COS after some drinks at The Pink House with a friend, I rode the bike back to Palomas and went into Lucky 7, the bar next to the one I'd been going to previously. Much better: younger barchicks, Maná on the jukebox, the pooltable only 25 cents a game and it wasn't in use at the time. They also sell Tecate, but only in the can, so after one of those I went back to Carta Blanca, though I'd noticed for the first time the previous day a rusty flavor in my first bottle; the same as I tasted in bottles of Dos Equis in Baja. I'm thinking it's the Carta Blanca that's causing my daily diarrhea lately; I don't remember it occurring until I started going to the Palomas bars. Anyway, getting back to the point: I bought a beer for one of the younger chicks who were hanging around the bar, and was surprised to be charged $3 for a half-sized bottle of Sol. Then the bartender asked me to buy her a beer too, and the same thing. WTF? She tried to explain it to me but I didn't understand. Anyway, that ate into her tip, I only left $1.50 when I left. And I probably won't go back, despite liking it much better than El Central next door, and their beer being only $1.25 instead of $1.50, and their shots of Presidente brandy for a dollar something.

I'm finding general acceptance here of my radical new (to me) views on love, friendship, and sexuality. This will probably be an excellent area in which to build my tribe.

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