Nope, I was wrong, it was still the Central district. I hadn't yet reached Lazaro Cardenas, and there were a number of bars on that same street, some of which I went to later on this night of barhopping that has now ended with me in Starbucks recharging my laptop.

In keeping with my sexual liberation, I went to titty bars for the first time in my life as far as I remember... I might have gone into them while fundraising for the Moonies, but if so I probably averted my eyes from all the action so it didn't count. Last night I was as crass as I could get, ogling every square inch of skin I could see. They have the same trick here with the beer for the girls costing about twice as much, but luckily I was prepared for that since Palomas and didn't fall for it... that meant $US7.00 at Las Cardenales across from Garibaldi Plaza, and even more at the first one I went to, I think it was Antrax but not sure. I ended up leaving the first place after two beers, and being charged $120 pesos after being promised $50 pesos per beer including the tip, so I was a little less than pleased with those mentirosos and told them such. The bouncer at Las Cardenales told me $39 per, and he kept his word, so I gave him a US$2 tip when I left.

The girls there were nice, but they wanted $MX1000 pesos for a handjob/blowjob plus (I think) the price of a hotel room. I just wanted a handjob there under the table. The third stripper, whose name I don't remember, a tall chick made even taller with her Elton John-style elevator heels, gave me enough close-up views of tits and pussy that I was able to jerk myself off quite nicely, more or less discreetly with my hand hidden under my coat, so I gave her a $US5 tip. None of the others got jack out of me (heh).

In between bars I went to a restaurant north of Garibaldi that had $MX22 peso breakfast specials: for example, a pork chop, 1 egg, salad, beans, and coffee. What a deal! And a clean restroom for no extra charge, too, which is often difficult to find even in the U.S., doubly so here.

Sunday in central Mexico City reminded me a lot of Guayaquil, Ecuador: street vendors everywhere and the smell of urine, excrement, and rotten fruit all over. It's a wild place. And there was a huge plaza a few blocks north of Pino Suarez that had an outdoor concert and was packed with literally thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of people. It was a sea of humanity bobbing and swelling between the old buildings on all sides.

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