Last log got cut short when nature called... at an internet cafe now with my laptop plugged in but no DHCP server so still no working connection. I ran windump and saw it's using the 10/8 network so gave myself an IP but don't have a DNS server to use so I'm still SOL. Speaking of which, I think it was the "Sol" cerveza I had last night that caused the urgent bowel movement. Another one to stay away from, made or at least owned by the same company, Moctezuma Whats-his-name brewery. Hmm, Moctezuma's revenge? I'm waiting for the place's resident geek to give me a DNS IP.

Meanwhile, the park at the Bellas Artes metro stop has cops on horses harrassing people, so doesn't look good for a sleeping place. Gonna have to get what little sleep I can sitting down on benches here and there, or maybe in Starbuck's if I can get away with it. No idea where I can wash my clothes, either; haven't seen a lavamatica downtown and even if I did, this place seems so uptight I don't know if I could peel off a layer of clothing without getting arrested. Maybe I'll have to meet my online friend with all my travelstink intact though slightly obscured by the leather topcoat.

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