Obviously, I got my laptop configured correctly, finally. It had to be a fixed IP, not a guessed one, and the router was on not .1 as I had guessed. So I had it all fubared. And the DNS wasn't being proxied by the router either, so that was another glitch.

In my tribe, I want everybody to have enough sexual partners that nobody has to go a night without an orgasm, or at least a warm body to cuddle. Life without orgasms sucks, and some women (men too, I imagine, but less commonly) need a lot more intercourse before reaching orgasm than one partner can readily provide. I'm a little worried about the potential birth rate, though. I'll mostly use condoms but I can't count on everybody doing so. Haven't decided yet whether to raise the kids communally, as in Walden II and Conversations With God, or the old-fashioned way. I'm leaning towards communal, with a non-school as in My Ishmael and a goal of having a kid more or less self-sufficient by age 7 or so, and having older children as mentors for any areas still lacking. It should be a self-sustaining system once started, but of course that remains to be seen.

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