Solved most of my problems. Early this afternoon I found people sleeping in the park, so maybe I was wrong about the cops or they just decided to ease up. I lay down and got some rest, and after some time woke up to the sound of rain. A heavy, cold rain hit the city and most people were scrambling for cover, except for a few who had the foresight to bring an umbrella or raingear on this previously hot, sunny day. I hope all those who were leering and jeering at me earlier today got caught cold. Bwahahahahahahaha. Yes, I sweat a lot in this leather trenchcoat when it's hot, but I take like a duck to water, and can easily endure what cold there is at night.

So anyway, I took my coat off for a couple of minutes, washed the top of my body and my sweater in the rain, and applied my baking soda/borax solution. Nobody's watching in the rain, so as I walked along the park I also clipped my fingernails and flossed my teeth. Meeting my friend tomorrow afternoon at a famous café. I'm feeling good, no matter what happens or doesn't happen. And no, I won't be telling you either way... nobody's going to get intimate with me knowing I'll broadcast the play-by-play all over the web. Well, I shouldn't say "nobody", but in any case unless someone wants me to do so, it would be wise to keep my cards close to my chest. It's enough I expose myself naked to the world (in words so far... if anybody wants pictures that can be arranged) without dragging all my acquaintances along with me. I've probably let too much slip already in some cases.

Still, after 3 months, have to spit up phlegm many times during the day, though my coughing has all but stopped. Whatever it was really did a number on me. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be completely cured, or if my immune system has gone to shit. I'd better look into doing a kidney cleanse and a liver cleanse when I get back to New Mexico. Time to start overhauling my body for the next 50 years in case I outlive my dad's truncated lifespan. But remember when I lost the feeling in my fingertips? It finally came back completely over the course of a year or so. Some insults take longer to heal, I guess.

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