What a waste last night was. The strippers were very genial, and I enjoyed talking with them and buying them beers at $50 pesos a pop, especially the 18-year-old, but at the end of the night I was out about US$50 and hadn't seen more than a nipple flash. Hell, you can get that watching football on American TV. But the little one gave me some good advice. She said there were hotels for MX$100... I figured for 10 bucks and some privacy I could jack off by myself and save myself the all-night partying costs. Besides, it's probably going to rain all week here, so sleeping in the park will be iffy.

So I websearched and found Hostal Cactus, and that's where I went, near Etiopia Station on the green line. I'm in the 8-bed dorm with both guys and girls sleeping in the same room. Nice. But the showers unfortunately are segregated, so probably it won't be the sex fiesta my evil mind envisioned at first. It's $110 pesos a night, close enough to my target price. Maybe a nice place to meet sexually liberated, intelligent, world-traveled females.

Anyway, I washed myself and my clothes, gotta give myself half a chance with the female I came to meet. Showtime in about 2 hours. Wish me luck, OK?

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