Slept like a log last night at Hostal Cactus. All this time I've avoided spending money at hotels/hostels thinking I was saving, and it the U.S. it was certainly true most of the time, but here just the opposite. Yesterday I spent the least money in a day since I got here. Sanborn's café gives free refills for as long as you want, for MX$12 pesos. And we must have been there for close to 3 hours, because by the time I got back to Hidalgo station for the ride to the hostel it was already close to 10PM.

Man, do I love falling in love. Don't know if I'd want to do it every day just because of the intensity, but it wouldn't happen anyway because girls like this are few and far between. What's not to love about someone young, tall, slim, classy, outrageously beautiful, educated, traveled, understanding, accepting, ...? Anyway, if the age difference or any other reason prevents this from going beyond coffeehouse chats, so be it, I'm very glad I made the trip. OK, enough about the lady, I don't want to jinx my chances.

The dorm was empty last night. I don't know if people just stayed out partying, or they all left, or they just think I'm a freak and slept somewhere else, but this place is dead.

I think I'm going to lose the beard for now. There's a razor in my snakebite kit, don't know if it's up to the job or not, but what the hell. If I'm serious about meeting young women I'm going to have to give a little. Shaving once every few months isn't going to kill me. Didn't want to do it before the meeting, though; a beard is as good a shallow-woman filter as anything you're likely to find.

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