OK, the beard is gone. I hope that improves my chances with the muchachas. You hear me, Z? The baby-butt-face kid is back.

I'm in a place in Centro, at Bolivar 58, called el huequito. They have excellent, though small, tacos de pastor for 7 pesos each. 4 to 6 of them make a pretty good lunch, plus they have Modelo brand beers. I've decided, since my diarrhea this morning after a liter of Indio last night, to forego all beers by Moctezuma Cuauhtemoc, even though Bohemia never, to my knowledge, bothered me. I suspect these Indios have genetically engineered something that produces GI problems only in Gringos and added it to their beers. I can't blame them, but I won't subject myself to that punishment either. I'm sticking to Modelo's brands and Tecate.

I noticed Las Cardinales 2 again last night. It's only half a block north of Antrax on the opposite side of the street, but unless the neon lights are on (which they weren't Monday night) it's almost impossible to see. I was there an hour before the first show, so I skipped it and went "home" to the Cactus. A little almond oil and fantasizing about R was enough to take care of my problem for one night. Looks like I'll be alone in the 8-bed dorm for another few nights, affording me enough privacy for my autoeroticism. There's a cute little French girl, there at the hostel, staying, I assume, in one of the 4-bed rooms, but she doesn't seem to take much interest in me. I get the idea she's hooked up with one of the other guys, but that's just a guess.

I'm signing on to various websites, one of them AdultFriendFinder.com, hoping to find other people interested in polyamorous relationships. I think there would be lots more except for the pernicious, pervasive influence of various religions, but I can't do anything about that. Public nudity is hard enough to find, public sex all but nonexistent. My tribe, living underground out of sight of the authoritarians, will permit, if not encourage, both. We humans are both cursed and blessed with being in "constant kemmer", as Le Guin calls it in her book, and we might as well enjoy it in the short lifespan allotted to us.

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