Bought a cellphone yesterday. MX$460 plus MX$100 for 2 months worth of calls, no bills, no bullshit. No idea how to get more minutes when these run out, but I've seen these "Amigo" stores everywhere so it shouldn't be too difficult. It's supposed to work in Baja too but that remains to be seen.

Ate a very acid breakfast this morning at Churreria El Moro on Lazaro Cardenas #42. I decided to walk uptown today instead of taking the Metro, and this was the first open place I hit that looked inviting -- but the breakfasts looked overpriced (MX$36 or so) so I just got the coffee and churros, a pastry made of a corn dough squeezed out into stellated cylinders with a machine, then fried, probably in some nasty oil like Canola. To top off the toxins they drown them in sugar. They do taste good, though, I have to admit. You'd think a place like that would be full of gordos but actually there were plenty of slim people there, including some very lovely females of the species.

Hate to say it, but I spent MX$200 this morning on a black turtleneck sweater. I'd been looking for one in the thrift shops for ages with no luck, so there you go. That's all I needed to complete my gothic outfit. Black felt hat, black turtleneck, black leather trenchcoat, black exercise pants which reach all the way to my shoes which were tinted black by an excellent shoeshine man who goes bar to bar in El Centro. The only thing I'm really unhappy with now is the shoes. They don't breathe -- at all. They stink like hell, and after one day a pair of clean socks has a horrible raunch. That didn't happen with my Crocs -- maybe it's time to break down and buy another pair.

I've been thinking about the vanity that drives me (infrequently, but surely) to make myself look good. It's natural. It's genetic. Consider the peacock, for example. To attract a mate, one needs to stand out from the crowd. Well, I'm ready. Bring on the babes.

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