The taco prices are very low on Diagonal de San Antonio walking easterly from the Etiopia station: 3 pesos each for tacos al pastor, also called adobada, the marinated pork that's cooked on a vertical spit just like what the Gyro places use in the states. Then up the street at Los Amistosos, they have full-sized tacos de bistek (carne asada, thinly-sliced beef steak) for only MX$6 pesos each. Plus they give you a basket of bread and a pitcher of agua de papaya, the latter of which I took a small taste but otherwise didn't partake -- chances are they used unfiltered tapwater to make it.

I'm looking for a place that teaches dance lessons. If I want to meet young women, or practically any Mexican women outside of the strip bars, I'm going to have to learn to bailar. A knowledgeable guy at the hostel told me if I'm going to learn just one dance, make it Salsa -- he said that's the most popular all over Latin America.

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