Struck out again last night, but at least I didn't waste any money... there was a party at the hostel, and I was grooving with a hottie who likes Frank Herbert's Dune books and Tolkien too. And she knows Linux. Apparently I didn't rate, though. Well, maybe another time.

I pissed off another female there earlier yesterday or the night before; I had told her, casually as I could, that if she wanted to cuddle or have sex that I was more than willing. She said "Thanks but no", and now she avoids me like a dead skunk. Maybe I need to fine-tune the wording of my offer. Or possibly I should just put a sign on my bunk "Horny Gringo stress-relief service, free for females, satisfaction guaranteed". There hasn't been one ugly woman there yet, so I'm not too worried about having to turn anybody down.

Yes, I'm aware I'm spending far too much time and money attempting to obtain sexual partners. But once I get a base of, say, 3 willing females in each town I frequent, I can move on to other pursuits and just slowly grow the base. Despite my lack of success so far, I know there have to be women out there who want sex every day and don't want a committed relationship.

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