Hard to find any restaurants open on Sunday. I finally found one next to Etiopia station, called California, with high-priced and low-quality food. Got the ham and cheese omelet with coffee and OJ for MX$71. The cheese was that nasty pasteurized processed chemical-ridden stuff. I could have gotten a better breakfast uptown for MX$22 and bought better OJ from a street vendor for 6 to 10 pesos. Oh, well. Water over the waterfall, as B used to say. He wouldn't say "dam" because it sounds like a curse word. Yet if he got mad, he could curse with the best of us... it's always taken more seriously from someone who reserves his cursing for rare outbursts. Fucking guys who say "motherfucker" every other goddamn word have a fucking hard time making emphasis when they want to. As someone asked me once, "What do these guys do when they're really mad then? Just use the same words, but louder?" Anyway (wow, what a digression), getting back to the restaurant... they have a buffet where you can supposedly eat and drink all you want, including Corona beer. That I might want to check out some evening.

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