Again, didn't waste much money today but no luck either. Spent all afternoon at that internet place downtown in the Mexico chatroom of aff consistently striking out with my lame attempts to hook up with the local chicks. About 7 bucks and 5 hours wasted. That website really isn't all that great. Without paying for premium membership, you can't initiate contact by email with anybody. Basically everything you attempt to do redirects you to the page to upgrade your membership. Fucked up. So the only place I can see to initiate contact is in the chatrooms, and those are pretty vicious -- girls making fun of the guys because of their age or their pictures, and the guys calling the girls whores. Basically a battle of the sexes. Then there are those women who just say how horny they are and inviting everyone to their house. I don't want to waste a trip to find out I have to pay US$100 or more for the pleasure of their company. And there are others who say they just want to chat. Some of them have video chatrooms that you have to pay for. Couldn't find anybody just willing to go out on a date with a 49-year-old gringo.

Then I went to Hostal Moneda near the Zócalo station to try to reserve a room for Tuesday. There's apparently only one person running the place at night, and he took an hour or so break, leaving 10 people or so waiting for him to come back to the front desk. When he finally showed up, he took those with reservations first, so my being 2nd in line didn't count for shit. Then these 2 British girls who had made, and prepaid, reservations, and had copies of emails and a receipt to prove it, were refused a room. He flat-out denied that they had made reservations because it wasn't in his computer. He was even sarcastic, as if they were trying to hoodwink him or something. I was very unimpressed with the way they treat customers. Another guy who had reserved online but did not get a confirmation email was also told he hadn't reserved. Word to the wise: don't prepay rooms online at Moneda, and don't count on your reservation getting into their computer system. So anyway, then he told me I'd have to come back tomorrow to reserve for Tuesday. Don't know if I should or not. Doesn't look too promising. Yet, they have free internet, which Cactus doesn't have. Plus a lot more chicks, because the place is much bigger. Guess I'll make up my mind tomorrow. At least I know how to get there now. And there's some good streetfood vendors outside the subway station at the far north end of the plaza, one block from the hostel, where I tried one each of their 3 taco varieties at MX$7 pesos each. Had to eat them standing up, but no tip was expected, so for 2 bucks I got a very filling meal.

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