Found my Geox breathable shoes today, and threw away those that I had found at the bus stop in North County San Diego some months ago... they served me well, but I'm tired of hot, sweaty, stinking feet. Let's see if this NASA technology actually works the way it's supposed to. You can find them, for MX$575, at the Flexi store on Calle de Tacuba right next to Allende station. Anyway, now I'm pimped out head-to-toe. Bring on the babes!

Blew away another 10 bucks or more at the internet café again today. But that's OK, I got some work done, and my customer's web site is about ready to launch. I don't expect to get rich from this, but it's the best shot I've had so far in my life.

Also, met a nice German lady on aff. She's not looking for a fling though, she wants a stable partner. Ah, well. That ain't me, babe.

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