I'm pretty sure I've been up for at least an hour, and it's still another hour and a quarter, or so, till the first restaurant opens. Hungry. Didn't bother to eat supper last night, unless you count a quart bottle of Tecate, so I'm paying for it now. Sure, I could have foraged some cactus, but I've been getting very lazy in that respect. Also, I don't have a knife nor gloves, and it is hard enough with them.

So anyway, here I am in the park in downtown Columbus, trying to keep my mind off food until some becomes available. As long as I have income, I'm not all that pissed off about the food being "locked up", but goddammit, why can't someone put a snack machine somewhere in town? I know why I don't: fucking government wants me to license it, i.e., they want a portion of my revenue, even before I get the first goddamn cent. Fuck 'em. If I do get some vending machines, I'll put 'em in my underground space and only my friends will know about it.

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