Last night I invited myself to a party with some female friends, made a complete ass of myself, and they're still my friends! New Mexico has some wonderful people.

After enough beer and Jim Beam, I got naked and started dancing around the fire. I was hoping to get the others to do the same but nawwww... oh well, it was worth a shot. This morning after breakfast I relearned not to mix whiskey and beer. Ugh. Hope I don't need to spell out the details for you... I bought a comforter at the second-hand store yesterday afternoon and used it as a bed. Much better than sleeping on the hard dirt where my tent is planted. One of these days I might even get someone to cuddle in there with me...

This morning my Free Wireless Initiative kicked off with its first installation, at the Patio Cafe in beautiful downtown Columbus, NM. Bring your wireless laptop or PDA and check your email while munching down one of their famous $1.99 breakfast burritos.

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