Sunday was a better day. BM back almost to normal, unlike the 3 oil changes on Saturday. Went and checked my email outside the Patio even though it was closed, thanks to the new wireless router! Then crossed the border into Palomas and spent a good part of the afternoon at the Pink Store eating a nice steak, drinking Corona, and meeting some lovely ladies, including Yvonne, the owner, and Almendra, one of her relatives, who came to ask if I were a painter. I wonder if I should take up the art, she's the second person in the past few weeks who has asked me that.

Went to bed early last night and woke up dehydrated probably around midnight. So rode the bike into town and got a gallon at the City Hall spigot and came back and slept till 7:30 or so. On the way, light pollution blinded me in several places and I got the idea of having some sort of shades or reflectors mandatory to ensure light goes only where it's wanted. If the reflectors were well-designed, it could also save electricity by being able to use lower wattage lamps to get the same result. What good is having your mercury-vapor lamp lighting up the sky or blinding me? Keep it restricted to your own land, or maybe up to halfway across the adjoining road.

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