I saw the Bongodogs at Wanna Wanna yesterday evening, they were excellent. Trombone, trumpet, sax, the works. And mostly original songs. Then we went to see the fireworks on the bay side... but no, the last show was the night before. However, we did see the Three Piano Players do their stuff, and it was also awesome. There were a lot of familiar faces there, including Max, whom I had met at the Coral Reef one of my first nights here, and the owner of the Coral Reef himself, whom I had never met in person before but whose pictures were all over the bar, usually with mostly-undressed adult entertainers.

Tonight, my last night in the South Padre Island area, I'm in Matamoros (Mexico) with two beautiful friends, eating the special at Garcia's 2: a bacon-wrapped steak and coconut shrimp dinner for less than US$10. I'm forgetting a lot that I wanted to blog, but maybe I'll remember at another time. My steak's getting cold.

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