Back in New Mexico since Tuesday afternoon, getting some work done on my customer's website and still getting laid regularly... one of these days the unprotected sex with multiple partners is going to catch up with me, but meanwhile, like sweet Loretta Martin, I'm gettin' it while I can...

Had a strange dream last night. A recurring theme in my dreams the last few years has been that I've continued to work as a technician at the USPS in Fort Lauderdale even after I quit; that somehow I'm on as a contractor, but I keep forgetting to sign in and out and I never get paid. And in the back, to the East of the maintenance offices, is a huge, dark room where the maintenance guys hang out and repair stuff. Weird. Anyway, last night I was back in that dreamscape, and was being taken, with television cameras all around, to a bank where I was about to receive a million dollars or more as an award for an innovative idea I had come up with: a way of grinding coffee with an electric drill. I remarked to a co-worker that all these years I had been denied awards for things that saved the service billions, and now I was going to get rich from something I did to goof off. But anyway, the money was never handed over, and the last I heard about it before I woke up was that the award was only going to be $1000.

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