My customer's program was featured recently on the GolfWeek website. Finally things are starting to heat up... biggest problem so far is that people who haven't purchased downloadable software before are not clicking "Continue" after the Paypal transaction and are wondering where their download is. Luckily it's only about 10% of the customers having that problem.

Still having a lot of strange dreams. Last night one was about a good-looking redheaded hooker that decided to give me a freebie and I stuck it in without a rubber. I realized how stupid that was even within the dream, so I woke up right away.

Passed page 400 of Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. Excellent science fiction, and funny as hell. And the first time I'd ever seen a term for Bashful Bladder Syndrome (Neal calls it Bashful Kidney), though several authors mention it, including Asimov in The Robots of Dawn. My own theory is that the syndrome has genetic origins, from the times when we were most vulnerable to attack while urinating and we seek the most protective shelter when doing so.

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