Had a dream two nights ago or so... a friend from the San Diego area was flying me North in a small plane up a narrow isthmus, peninsula, or island that could have been Silver Strand or Padre Island but I've never seen that particular landscape in real life, only in several dreams. At one point I fell out of the plane and managed to grab the aerial or whatever was sticking, lance-like, out of the nose. I hollered to him (my friend, Y) to drop me out over the water... he banked right, IIRC, and dropped me out just 10 feet or so above water, then landed on pontoons just a short ways away. I can't remember what went on after that, but somehow it had changed to a dark enclosure, of course water-filled... weird. On the ocean-facing side of that same body of land is a beautiful bay with lots of sailboats; as I said, I've seen it many times in dreams.

My sex life hasn't been so overwhelming lately, but I'm managing to stay relatively sane nonetheless. Still meeting lots of interesting people... some guy at McD's in Deming saw me reading Cryptonomicon yesterday, and turns out he's an author himself, goes by the name of White Arrow and associates with a couple of Native American nations, though his eyes and skin color would condemn him as Caucasian. I lent him the City of the Sun's copy of Ishmael, which I happened to have with me... it wasn't really mine to lend, but I can't refuse a chance to proselytize for the antichrist.

Just 3 more days till I find out if I'm in or out... I'm not going to be too disappointed if I don't get voted in, I'll just divert my energies to my lot in Deming Ranchettes instead... too bad it's so goddamned far from civilization though. 12 miles is rough when you're dehydrated and hungry. COS is only 1 mile from downtown Columbus, which is a lot more convenient. Wish me luck, OK?

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