Sigh. Everything takes money. I plan to pay off the remaining $750 for my COS membership next week, but then I have zero reserves. To buy grass-fed beef, I'd probably need a freezer to store it. A SunDanzer freezer can run off a single 75-watt panel, but the former costs about $1200 to get here, and the latter another $500 or so. I'll need to find a good source of UV-resistant plastic to cover the greenhouse, which now is just a metal frame, and/or a huge tarp to cover it. I've been looking at parachute canopies on Ebay, but haven't found anything to cover something 40 feet square. Email me with any ideas. I want something that's going to last a few years while being beat up with the New Mexico sun and dust devils on a regular basis.

If I actually get my shebeen started, I may start making some money. But the customers have to be my friends, who will voluntarily pay. It can't be a "business" because I don't want to deal with licenses and paying off inspectors. A private party only, but one in which the guests are willing to cover the tab and a little more. Hmm, wonder how I'm gonna be able to get kegs of Guinness delivered to Columbus? Forget about keeping them cold, the Brits can drink warm beer, so the fuck can we. For that matter, maybe I can keep a rabbit stew always cooking in the kettle, and forget the expensive meats. Sooner or later it will all be too expensive to ship in, and I'm better off learning to live off the available local plants and animals.

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