Found a new (to me) source of soft porn, check out the Warsaw channel ITV from the Poland listings of wwiTV.com. If you can put up with the endless yammering of the blonde bimbo Kamila, you'll see some nice strip clips and maybe even some hardcore. And so far it's not being content-filtered at a certain place where they do such things (being deliberately vague here).

Looks like my bike was stolen, unless by chance I left it back at my COS lot the other day... but I'm pretty sure I left it at the library, unlocked (dummy!) and it's not here now. That'll teach me. An expensive lesson, though, considering I'm just about to spend my last reserves on my lot. I did get it signed over by its previous owner, though, so it's all but mine at this point. It won't be official until the next membership meeting, though, in 3 weeks; but unlike the vote which determined whether or not I became a member, nobody really has any grounds to object my being granted this lot. It's got to be just a rubber stamp, as far as I can see. Unless I've made enemies of whom I'm not yet aware. I've been conjecturing that the four votes against me last week was older guys who didn't particularly care for any competition for the available women.

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