Had breakfast this morning with Tim Grady's friend Mike DiLorenzo, who is finishing up his Continental Divide trek (actually, he's probably done as of a half hour ago). I told him about my windskating plans and we shot the shit about programming for a while.

I've been wondering about the recurring dreams and dreamscapes that you've noticed me blogging. Few of the same dreamscapes have actually recurred while I've been chronicling them, which leads me to believe that they may not be repeating in this lifetime after all... that Vonnegut's idea of life may indeed have some basis in fact, and that this life is just a recurring dream from one of my other simultaneous lives in other universes, as those are to this. I know that's not clear but I'm just trying to make sense of it myself. All I know is that on awakening, I'm "sure" that I've had a similar dream before, even recently, but then I can't find any references to the same in my blog.

Got my slotted waveguide antenna yesterday, caught the FedEx lady just as she was about to drive away from my neighbor's (temporarily) abandoned place where I'm having things delivered until I get my own street address. It looks great, I've just got to solder on the feedcone and screw in the end plates, and I should be in business.

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