Back in Palomas after my little adventure yesterday. All night long I attempted to walk through the streets of Juarez towards Central Camionera but got lost several times. I probably ended up walking 40 miles or more in that 24-hour period. My feet sure hurt as though I did.

Ciudad Juarez is another piece of shit. There's no wild night-life there, all the bars shut down tight at 2 in the morning. Sure, the prostitutes' legs are open all night but I'd rather just drink beer, watch a stripper, and jerk myself off. The only truly safe sex. A taxista told me he'd take me to where the girls were, and I thought he meant a strip bar, but after two blocks I found out my assumption was wrong and told him to let me out. The fucker charged me $2. Then he had the balls to tell me to watch out for the bandidos. I've said it before and I'll say it again: la policia are the worst crooks, followed closely by the taxi drivers. Oh, and the restaurants that tell you they're giving you fresh-squeezed orange juice and I can tell about half of it is orange soda.

I'm eating my usual #22 at the Pink Store, steak with garlic, substituting the fries and salad for extra guacamole. And drinking Corona, not that nasty Moctezuma Cuauhtemoc beer. I had to hold back my BM for hours this morning before I finally got to the bus station, and when it came out it was positively disgusting. I can't blame it fully on the Dos Equis, I'm sure the 3 22-ounce Newkie Browns at Olive Garden (only $4.50 during happy hour, and $4.95 other times), the coffee and espresso brownie at Starbucks, and the fake orange juice had something to do with it too.

A friend told me a cheaper way to carve out a little Monaco-style country out of the U.S.-Mexico border: do it on the Mexican side. It should have been obvious, in retrospect, as the bribes will only have to be about 1/10th the amount, but I'm still stuck on the sentimental value of creating Luna Free State out of Luna County.

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