In the last few days, I've killed and eaten another rattlesnake that decided to take over my place, this time an older (10 years, judging by the rattle) and smaller (between two and three feet long, I managed to skin this one by myself, and put it on my walking stick) one; decided to keep my LandRollers and try to use them despite the pain; successfully finished the Universal Edibility Test on a small lettuce-like plant with holly-shaped leaves that grows in the shade of the creosote bushes next to the arroyos; sunk a 55-gallon plastic barrel to catch and store the runoff from my roof; and gotten laid often enough to keep from going totally bonkers. Life is good. I've got a feeling, though, that if and when Luna County grants me a street address, they're going to tax me extra for this dwelling. Don't know how I'm going to fight it if it happens, but I ought to try.

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