I'm walking through a field resembling an African savannah, and suddenly in front of me I see a young male lion with full mane. He already has a fresh kill of some sort and is eating it, but he looks at me and starts moving, somewhat cautiously but still quickly, towards me. There's a cart off behind me and to my left, and I run around to it and scoot under it where he cannot reach me. This is the second or third time I've had this dream (I remember this, as usual, in the dream itself or while waking, not while fully awake), but I think one was with a lioness and another with a tiger.

We got caught in a snowstorm on the way back to Chico and I'm holing up in a hotel somewhere in northern California. Chains got put on wrong and fell off, and I jogwalked back about 4 miles along I-5 without finding the one that fell off first, and it was lucky we all got back together alive and well.

There's this song running through my head, I think it's original, called Drugs Are Good For You, making fun of our society's tendency to overmedicate for everything, sung in an advertising-jingle-sounding melody. I keep forgetting it and remembering it again... I've really got to get one of those solid-state voice recorders to carry with me. The iPAQ would work but the damned thing keeps losing its charge.

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