In addition to the aforementioned fruit trees, I also found an orange tree yesterday afternoon with nice sweet navel oranges easily reachable from the sidewalk. Then, scouting around a little more, I found a sushi place, the Silver Sake with an excellent sashimi plate for $12-something. This morning we left Sacramento, and stopped for lunch at the Sequoia Brewing Company in Fresno; I got the fish-and-chips, which were typically overcooked but at least fresh fish, and tried their porter and two of the ales, all of which were better than average. They have free wi-fi but they've got it misconfigured, I could ssh out but couldn't get any web access; I thought it might be an MTU problem at first but after some testing I was pretty well convinced they had port 80 blocked. Their tech was gone by then though.

Took an untested route trying to avoid the LA metropolitan area as much as possible, going 99 through Bakersfield, then 58 east, then 14 south to 138 east, then 215 south and finally hitting I-10 somewhere near San Bernadino. The Motel-6 clerk requires IDs of everybody in the room, wtf? Well hello Big Brother, nice of you to stop by. Lousy Green Burrito at Carl's Jr. is full of rice and beans with only a little steak and costs as much as a decent meal elsewhere. Bitchy today ain't I? That's OK, I'm drinking some Dead Guy Ale and lightening up. I read Bucky Fuller's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth on the way today, it's a good read but I can't help wonder if his ideas would have improved had Daniel Quinn come along a few years earlier. And he thought the Great Pirates had already become extinct after WWI? I wish.

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