Guns are better than governments. You can have the former without the latter, but never the latter without the former.

I just re-read Ishmael on the way home the other day. There's a lot of stuff that I didn't catch the first time around. Anyway, I've now got a copy for my coffeehouse/shebeen, so stop by anytime and read it...

Yes, the shebeen is now ready for business, though far from ideal; the booze is here, usually one or two beers, and I can make coffee on demand, using one paper filter per cup (which I agree is wasteful, but most practical at the moment). The previous occupants of the place removed their remaining belongings while I was gone, so the place is mine all mine till I die, as long as I can come up with the $20 per month maintenance fee. I still need more chairs and tables, but all in due time.

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