Got coLinux working, yeah! Finally gave up on the winpcap bridging with my wifi, and instead switched to the wired ethernet. Boom! Got an address via DHCP instantly, and am running apt-get to install the stuff I need for testing.

Also worked on the COSF unternet this weekend, and got my logbot.py script running on Python 1.5 (on Dragon Linux, based on Slackware 7.1). I've only tested it with Slackware 4's ircd, haven't even looked at the RFC in years, so don't count on it to work. I had to change a number of other scripts, including template.py, gpl.py, jclicense.py, and pytest.py to get it running on the older Python. Some of the code is better, but there are still some huge ugly kludges left over from when I was first learning Python, so don't expect too much. The good news is that my big programming job is over, so I can spend more time on cleaning up my old code.

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