Here I am on dialup, for the first time in an eternity, from the Motel 6 on Gateway Blvd. East in El Paso, not far from the Steak and Ale where I purchased yet another laptop from a guy named Mark who listed it on Craiglist. $500 plus the $42-and-change it cost me for this goddamned room. But the wind is so fierce tonight, and I came so unprepared for bad weather, and I'm so tired and have a bad case of the shits... well, that's more than enough info, I'm sure you can understand my splurging.

I'd never eaten at a Steak & Ale all these years, though of course I've seen them since the late 70's or so. I guess it's that ugly German design of the places that turned me off. Whatever, I like this place. The bartender is a friendly guy named Ventura, and there's a regular customer named Jack, a contractor, who bought me a beer and shot the shit with me for about a half-hour. Just about 6, the time when I was supposed to meet Mark, was when I got the first urgent call from Mother Nature, and luckily he hung around while I did my business. Took me a while to figure out how to setup the dialup to Bamnet but now I'm online I might as well update the old blog.

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