I'm at the bus station in Phoenix waiting at gate 1 for reboarding of the Greyhound to L.A... it was a last-minute decision based primarily on my getting a ride to Deming this morning and finding a special for $50.50 to Los Angeles. For the same fare I could have gone to Claremont, but I couldn't remember at the time if that's Orange County or one of the LA suburbs, and have no way of checking now. When are they gonna put wifi in the bus stations, for christsakes? And bars, while they're at it?

What kind of a world is it that serves beer and liquor on planes, and has it available in almost every airport, but if your breath even smells like beer you can't board a bus? Let me answer that: fucked up.

This morning I did phase 2 of the edibility test for rattleweed, a variety of locoweed. The seed-pods only; they tasted like spring peas, except for some slight bitterness in the pods themselves. I should have gotten them a week or two ago when they first appeared, they're already stringy and quite tough. But I think they're edible. I'll finish the test when I get back from Rosarito with my microscope, tools, and other valuable stuff I left behind last fall.

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