Cygwin on XP Home: weird...

jcomeau@intrepid ~
$ ls
bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

It worked immediately afterwards, but this happens a lot during my Make processes too, and for some reason isn't terminating the process when it should.

Some things have changed here, but most are the same. The U.S. border patrol was checking IDs at the exit border last night, which is rather unusual; it's usually only on the way in. Maybe they were waiting for the guy who cleaned out the Camp Pendleton armory yesterday? Heh. Then at the collectivo station someone was trying to collect the money in advance (20 pesos at about 10 PM; it goes as high as 35 late at night), but I told him no, I preferred to pay the driver. I don't think anybody paid that guy, everyone I saw paid the driver on disembarking, as usual. So don't get sucked into that scam. Then the bar, Barandas, in Rosarito, had been sold 4 or 5 months ago, so I didn't get to see the beauty who owned it last August. Damn. Then again, they were open almost till daybreak! Love it! Probably only a spring-break thing though; El Torito up the street, also, was still open when I left Barandas.

Today I got tacos de carnitas at Rosarito's southernmost Flor de Michoacan, caldo de mariscos at Mariscos Sonora (which is now up to 38 pesos from 35 for the large bowl), and both last night and right now am enjoying tacos de carne asada and al pastor with the clean taste of cerveza Pacifico, that Mazatlan brew, at Taco Bell in Tijuana, still MX$11 for 3 tacos and for each beer. The dollar was still a little weak here last I checked, so I'm paying with pesos.

Picked up most of my stuff, but left the microscope, too heavy and bulky and likely to incur import duties. Might end up taking the Greyhound to LA just to avoid hanging around at various places with all this extra bulk.

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