I managed to snag a pretty good $100 job on RAC but still there's so much posting of $4 max bid projects, of which the coder receives only a single dollar. So depressing...

Still looks like I might make it to my 50th birthday, though it coincides with Easter Sunday and the semiannual policy meeting of the City of the Sun. One of my proposed policy items is specifically aimed at the actions of a member who reportedly claims to have no reservations about killing another human being, so whether I live beyond my 50th is still a big question mark.

Over the weekend I finally fixed one of the problems with the old HP Vectra I had installed in the COSF Community Center as an email and web server; attempting to use the modem with either ppp-on or minicom would show a lag of 10 to 15 seconds between the sending of a modem command and the echo/response. By disabling the built-in serial ports in the BIOS, the lag was eliminated instantly. Now the next problem is getting a version of fetchmail that will work with current POP3 server software and run under the primitive Slackware 7.1 system.

Still can't motivate myself to work on my music software or the ROCS system. Rather drink beer and/or read Dean Koontz.

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