Got my freezer and wind generator, but looks like I'm going to have to do some rewiring to get the necessary juice to the freezer. And have to buy some pipe to mount the Air-X, it doesn't come with any kind of tower.

Got my DragonLinux system forwarding mail for everybody who wants it (so far only myself) at COSF. Check out my /etc/ppp/ip-up script for the details; it checks all members of the "users" group for a readable .netrc and .fetchmailrc file, and if found, runs fetchmail on their behalf using a cron job. It waits for sendmail and fetchmail to finish (they are all spawned as subprocesses) using pidof, then shuts down the link. Another cron job kills the ppp link after 15 minutes just in case something hangs.

I've built a new fetchmail package for Slackware, including ssl support, downloadable as fetchmail-6.3.3-i686-2jlc.tgz. It might work on a 486 or even a 386, but was built on an old slow Pentium box. I'll try to submit it to linuxmafia.org again, but last time their nameserver couldn't resolve my www.jcomeau.com CNAME. So many resolvers out there have that problem, I can't figure out why. I checked my settings with DNSreport.com and they look good, so I'm assuming there are a lot of misconfigured nameservers out there.

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