OK, so I haven't been updating lately... too busy redoing my electrical system for the freezer, keeping in mind hooking up the wind generator this week after buying a 20-foot length of 1.5" pipe. Just by using larger wire and connecting the outputs directly to the battery I can now run the freezer fulltime plus have the computer running off the inverter. Much better.

Also finished reading Koonz's False Memory, an intriguing novel about the latest in brainwashing techniques, and Appaloosa Rising by Gino Sky, a weird cocaine-cowboy jerk-off fantasy story with some nice insights into some ways of life that don't destroy the world.

Had a lot of strange dreams lately, both the "digestive" type and the "visiting other universes" variety. I never seem to get them down while they're still fresh in my memory though. Damn.

Got my new black-leather jeans, about time I started traveling again... but a good friend is coming back to COSF after a long absence, and who knows, I might just hang around awhile.

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