Funny sign outside the Alotta Gelato shop in Silver City: "Stop Praying for Rain Now, OK?"

Caught the 3:45 PM bus for $2.50 from Deming to Silver, and now enjoying the free wireless at Rejuvenations at 201 North Bullard.

Next year I've got to plan better for Burning Man. Even if I can't bring a keg of Guinness, which I'd really like to do, I need some kind of tripod to hold my water bags (which, by the way, after I reseated the filter, didn't leak from the bottom any more), some warmer clothing for the cold nights (assuming I fail again at getting a cuddling partner), and maybe some necklaces advertising the Don Nowhere Shebeen. Also I want to visit the Bonobo Institute and Poly Paradise camps earlier in the week and get a chance to learn something from those tribes, which are already somewhat established. My "Playa Name", if you look for me there, is "jc", something I've been called on-and-off since 1974.

I don't know what Google did to their customized homepage, but the last two days or so the calendar and clock started refreshing once a second instead of using the javascript (Ajax? Not sure, I never bothered to learn it) methods they were using before. So I had to remove them from my homepage.

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