Now that my head-cold is abating, and I'm in a place where there's not much to do but research, I've found http://www.aetherlumina.com/gnp/faq.html, among other similar resources, and I've updated my ../src/nw_wurdz.txt accordingly. I also tweaked ../src/apa_jc.txt, mai mecod av spelin wurdz in severel lengwidjiz wiy onli ye ASCII kerektrz, in a kansistent (wiy itself end wiy pronansiexan) wei.

OK, enough of that. I've got my ALJ hearing on Tuesday in Las Cruces, so Monday is going to be hectic, going from Silver City to Columbus, picking up my mail from SSA, rushing across the border into Palomas, doing the El Paso route, then catching a Greyhound into LC. Somewhere in there I have to see if I can rescue my RIM code-signing keys from my old computer or if I have to buy new ones from Blackberry for $100. Ouch.

Also bought two Loquat trees on eBay, and am looking for a good deal on some Lychee seedlings. If the rain keeps up I might as well get some trees started... if I have to be responsible for watering the damned things, they're gonna die for sure like my pines did.

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