I had forgotten how to get the old-style Mailman pipes working with Exim4. Yes, I know it's deprecated, but the new way is way too convoluted for me. Simplicity always gets the benefit of the doubt; if something is too complicated, any security advantage it might have is nullified in my mind.

The necessary addition to somewhere near the top of /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template is:


I've jogged into town, about a mile, the past two mornings. Is it possible I might be getting into shape? Also, this afternoon the wind was consistent enough that I rode most of the way into town on my windskate, the longest run without stopping about a quarter mile. Very encouraging.

I couldn't get myself out of bed last night, but woke up maybe about 3AM with a dream still clear in my head; it contained elements of other recurring dreams but seems to be somewhat of an analog of where I'm living now... it's a kind of resort with various compartments on an uphill grade, each kind of like a manual carwash compartment, where people stay. There's also a conventional box-like structure with cement floors and harsh fluorescent lighting leading to an underground tunnel where a river flows. Big fish are clearly visible in the shallow water. The underground river flows downtown from where I came in a rowboat bringing a guest to the property. I can't remember any more details now.

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