Just got back from Mexico, and now enjoying a Foster's Lager. A little more bitter than American lagers, it's refreshing when you're really exhausted, as I am. Had a nice wind going down to Mexico -- the first time I windskated over 4 miles -- but the way back it had died down to almost nothing. I didn't get a ride till the last mile, and pushing that skateboard and carrying the sail just about did me in. My heart rate was pushing the limit, and I had to stop every few feet to let it slow down.

Had some strange dreams last night. In one, I was leaving a building where I'd apparently been living for some time, and on the way out Reverend Moon talked to me for a little while. I can't remember the conversation, but he was congratulating or praising me for something, and speaking to me as an equal, something I never experienced in real life. There was a hint, though, that he might have to eliminate me eventually. Anyway, I said goodbye and left.

Then there was a dream in which some crazy woman was driving a car, and when we'd approach an intersection she climbed out onto the hood or roof, watching as I'd attempt to steer the car with one hand from the driver's seat. She'd be killed each time, but apparently that didn't slow her down any because before I knew it we were heading for another crash. I was aware of some guy in the back seat but never turned around to see who it was.

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