Took a nasty fall on my windskate yesterday, coming back from the Pink Store. I wasn't even drunk -- had only coffee with my food. My right knee protector had slipped down so wasn't there to buffer the shock to my knee. The trauma doesn't seem to be too bad. I might still be able to run the 5k.

After about a year and a half, I finally got Blackberry's attention on the ControlledAccessException that started showing up on new handhelds running our app back in early 2005. Defaults built into, or downloaded into, the handhelds determine their ability to allow certain functions such as HTTP Filters. These defaults cannot be edited until an application that attempts to use them is installed, and then can be edited only for that application. The more I learn how these buggers operate the more disdain I have for their engineers. Why can't they just use jarfiles like everybody else? Why do they have multiple places where access to APIs can be denied, and why don't the javadocs reflect this? Pisses me off.

Got my d-Limonene the other day and have been playing with it. I cleared some space in my trash barrels by pulling out some of the styrofoam garbage, and dissolved it in a few ounces of the orange oil. Today I painted a small piece of 1/4 inch grid screen with some of the viscous, bubbly goop and it covered a few of the squares. A couple of hours later it was somewhat hard and glasslike in appearance. Whether it will actually work as glazing remains to be seen. It might also function as a glue.

Finished Katherine Neville's The Eight. She spins a better yarn than Dan Brown, but there were still a lot of weak spots in it, where some of the characters didn't seem three-dimensional to me. It got me thinking again, though, about the correspondence between things like the musical scales, the periodic table of the elements, the I Ching, the genetic code, the Hebrew alphabet... a lot of fascinating shit.

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