Ten gallons of gas to El Paso yesterday. Got my eight 6V golf cart batteries for my new beefed-up solar power plant, and also got, via USPS, the 80W PV panel that I won on eBay for $405. Things are looking up, but I now have to sequester 55 pounds of powdered charcoal to undo the effect to the atmosphere of the gasoline I burned on the trip.

If everyone would sequester 5.5 pounds of charcoal for every gallon of gas he burned, we'd freeze the greenhouse effect at its current condition. If we buried more, we'd reverse it. Plus we'd make the soil better. This won't work as a program, but it would work as a vision, in the context of the Ishmael books. We just have to make the decision. Let's choose life.

I'm currently reading Fifty Degrees Below by Kim Stanley Robinson. It took me a while to warm up to Frank, the protagonist, but it's right on target with its environmental outlook. Strongly recommended.

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